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Drug trafficking charges carry some of the most severe penalties of all of the drug offenses, and they are sometimes the most misunderstood.  Many people think that to be charged with trafficking drugs a person has to be selling large quantities, or, at least somehow connected in the transportation or movement of that contraband.  While Florida does include the selling, manufacturing, delivering and purchasing of controlled substances in it's definition of Trafficking, it also includes merely possessing that contraband, but in specified quantities.

For cannabis (pot), "trafficking" means being in possession of over 25 pounds, or having 300 plants.  For cocaine, "trafficking" means being in possession of more than 28 grams.  A person can also be charged with trafficking in pills, such as hydrocodone, oxycontin, or, vicodine, if they are in possession of merely 4 grams.  And, "possession" can be actual or what is known as "constructive" possession.

As mentioned, the penalties for trafficking drugs is extremely harsh.  The Statutes dictate that for any conviction on a drug trafficking charge the court has to impose a "mandatory minimum" or "minimum mandatory" sentence of prison.  The Court has no discretion in it's sentence, and must impose either a three (3), seven (7), fifteen (15), or twenty-five (25) year term of imprisonment, depending on the controlled substance and amount.

The Law Offices of David Golden,P.A. has successfully defended drug trafficking charges in Martin County, St. Lucie County, Indian River County, and Okeechobee County, by aggressively attacking key elements of the State's case showing they could not meet their burden of proof in establishing "possession" or weight, and by pointing out other defects or considerations that were overlooked.

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